In 1978, with a little encouragement from her father, Laura started her business when she was just eighteen years old. She married Eric in '82 and he joined the business. Her sister, Kim Kirby, has been filling in when needed since she was in high school. They have been furnishing outdoor areas all over Southwest Florida for almost forty years. 

Eric and Laura Gann

Our Team
Laura Gann
Eric Gann

Laura is the energy behind the business. She has a passion for selling high quality outdoor furniture at a fair price. Her family moved to Florida in 1973. Laura is a skilled baker who has been known to bake cookies for her favorite customers. She's the first to tell you it's not work if you love what you do.

Eric has been an integral part of the family business since the beginning. He was born in Michigan and made the move to Florida back in 1977. Eric enjoys taking his motorcycle for long rides on back roads and as a music enthusiast, getting lost in a good song is high on his list of favorite things to do. He's recently reignited his love of reading, and is always looking for a recommendation for a good read.  

Mr. Bean

Marcie Gann

Mr. Bean just continues to show up everyday for the constant affection and unlimited treats provided by his parents. He was surrendered by his first owner who did not want to spend money treating a serious upper respiratory infection when he was a just 8 weeks old. Their daughter brought him home, as she did most animals in need of extra care, and they fell in love. The rest is history. 

Marcie has been part of the family business since her arrival in 1983. In her younger years cleaning furniture was the punishment of choice for the her and her sister. As she got older her positions within the family business adapted to her skillset. Today she serves as their digital consultant. 

Need directions? Want to know if Mr. Bean is in? Give us a call!​

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